Realistically, you never “own” certain brands, you are just the trustee until your children decide to become the care takers. Mercedes Benz is one of those brands.

These 2 MBs which have been driven in Europe, the USA and Canada (never in winter!), they have been part of the same car pool for the last 30 years. It is now time for them to find a family willing to care for them as well as the antiques, the sterling silver and the Pateks,

Although raised with American and British cars, I was exposed very young to Mercedes Benz as my father was most impressed with the brand and during our numerous trips to Germany at a time you could see the scars of the war, we never failed to wonder how fantastic those cars were. My first visit, as a child, to the Stuttgart facility was in the mid 50’s and we were shown around very courteously as one of my uncles was a Mercedes Benz fan.

Like most kids of my generation, I started with a Mini Cooper and after experimenting with other British fun cars, I “upgraded” into Mercedes Benz vintage cars. I have owned a few over the years: the 190SL and the 300 Adenauer are the last ones to go.

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Mercedes Benz Model: 190SL roadster convertible

This Mercedes Benz 190SL is in excellent overall condition.  Not driven in winter. Convertible soft top (beige) and black hard top included.  Vehicle chassis is solid and original.  Body and paint condition are excellent. All chrome plated items are intact and in “bright” condition.  Car is stored in secure auto facility: washed and driven in a closed circuit once a month. Driven only an average of 500 km. per year.  Becker Mexico AM/FM push button radio is installed.


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Mercedes Benz Model: 300 D four door sedan (Adenauer)

Mercedes Benz 300D. This particular model and vintage is relatively rare in North America. Very original and unique.  Real eye catcher and general appearance is very good.  All fits good and very low mileage.   Car is stored in secure auto facility: washed and driven in a closed circuit once a month when not in use.  Driven only an average of 200 km per year.  Original 3.0 liter 6 cylinder engine has been entirely refurbished by Mercedes Benz and is in top condition.  Power steering, radio and antenna.  Original paint and upholstery leather in extremely good condition.  All chrome plated items are intact and in “bright” condition.

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